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Biologique Recherche refreshes Le Grand Sérum using Nobel-prize-winning technology

French skincare specialist Biologique Recherche has reformulated its iconic Le Grand Sérum with a powerful anti-ageing active compound called TélomerActiv©.

First launched as a special edition in 2010, Le Grand Sérum was inspired by Sérum Grand Millésime – originally created by Biologique Recherche founder Yvan Allouche in 2000.

Laure Bouscharain, Biologique Recherche head of R&D, explained that the refreshed moisturising formula draws on Nobel-prize-winning scientific research relating to DNA components called telomeres.

Telomeres are located at the ends of chromosomes and protect our cells from ageing. As they wear away over time, this leads to cellular ageing.

However, Biologique Recherche has used the celebrated research to develop the TélomerActiv© compound to boost cellular defence mechanisms by preventing telomere erosion, delaying cellular senescence and improving cell longevity.

This technology enables the serum to preserve the skin’s youthful texture and appearance, improve complexion and increase collagen production.

“We studied telomere research for several years, looking for a way to incorporate it into skincare,” Bouscharain added.

“Once we grasped the technology, it was obvious we should improve and relaunch a new generation Le Grand Sérum.”

"Le Grand Sérum is a concentrate of science in the service of beauty."

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