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Lemi introduces Bellaria – a new treatment table designed for outdoor use

Bellaria is the latest treatment bed designed by spa and beauty equipment supplier Lemi.

Created specifically to perform wellness treatments in outdoor environments, the bed is equipped with a seamless mattress and horseshoe headrest and is capable of withstanding the effects of direct sunlight, water and salt.

The base is made of waterproof material and is electrically adjustable through a practical handset control that allows lifting movements and synchronised back-leg movements. This facilitates different treatments and ensures maximum comfort for the customer.

The control also comes with AUT and END controls. The first restores the bed to its zero position while the second manoeuvres the bed into an end of treatment position for the client’s exit.

Lemi GM Matteo Brusaferri said the company was actually already working on Bellaria prior to the pandemic’s outbreak – the aftermath of which brought high demand for outdoor spa treatments due to the minimised risk of virus transmission outdoors.

“After receiving requests from different parts of the world for the development of an outdoor spa bed, we agreed to undertake the design of a solution for tropical places,” he said, “a product that could guarantee quality while enhancing relaxation in an outdoor environment.”

“The design of this product turned out to be a priority because treatments in outdoor environments have become highly sought-after, so consequently, we worked to focus on this product as much as possible.”

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