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YogiFi, 'world's first' smart yogamat uses AI

Launched recently, YogiFi is being marketed as the world's first smart yoga mat.

YogiFi Series-1 (Pro) delivers personalised yoga sessions with an immersive virtual studio experience at home.

The mat uses AI to automatically recommend personalised wellness programmes based on the user's history, current limitations and future goals. Programmes are delivered via an app or wrist wearable.

The programmes are designed and curated by certified yoga professionals, while the patented technology embedded inside the mat tracks simple-to-complex yoga postures non-intrusively without the use of cameras.

It also provides real-time feedback and automatically correlates vital signs and breathing patterns through the wrist wearable.

To add a visual aspect, YogiFi offers a 270-degree projection view, allowing users to choose thematic landscapes as a backdrop for their sessions – ranging from Himalayan mountains, waterfalls and rainforests to exotic beaches.

The step-by-step audio instructions also include soothing background music, while therapeutic aroma dispensers have been embedded inside the mat.

The mat has pressure sensors which respond to touch, with visual and haptic feedback for posture correction.

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