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Scrummi Spa launches plant-based compostable aprons for beauty therapists

Sustainable textile brand Scrummi Spa has introduced a new protective apron for therapists working in the professional beauty sector that’s 100 per cent plastic-free and made from plant-based material.

Recognising the concerns of the professional beauty industry over the large volumes of plastic and non-recyclable PPE being used due to the pandemic, the team at Scrummi set out to provide more planet-friendly alternatives.

The new BioApron is independently certified by the internationally-recognised Seedling standard EN13432 meaning it’s suitable for composting in commercial and domestic waste streams.

“The global beauty sector is currently using thousands of tonnes of plastic and non-recyclable PPE every month,” says Robert Cooper, MD of Scrummi and co-founder of the Sustainable Spa Association, “Any dent we can make in this with more sustainable options is a benefit both our industry and the planet.

“Our core value of instilling sustainability into everything we do means we’re always looking to provide innovative sustainable solutions to the next environmental challenge within spa and beauty.”

Scrummi believes that responsibility for sustainability lies with everyone individually and that by contributing to small improvements, we can work towards a brighter future together.

The BioApron is supplied in tear-off rolls of 50 aprons in outer cartons of five rolls – meaning 250 aprons per carton are supplied.

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