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New Eleiko Öppen Collars secure barbell weights in seconds

Eleiko’s Öppen Collars have been designed to easily secure barbell weights, for improved performance and safety.

The collars feature a patent-pending, open-sided design – a fresh take on a strength training staple that’s traditionally constructed as a full circle.

Named a finalist in the iF Design Award 2021, the product has been designed with the intention of making collar use accessible for everyone.

Traditional collars can be heavy and hard to put on – an inconvenience some users may be tempted to skip. With the Eleiko collar, lifters place each collar next to the weights and press the lever down to lock them into place, securing them quickly with a single-handed operation.

Magnets allow users to stick the collars on stands, racks and benches for easy accessibility, while rubber components offer a secure grip and absorb shock when the barbell is dropped.

CEO Erik Blomberg says: “We considered the entire training session from finding and storing collars to the lift itself, to upgrade every aspect of the experience.”

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