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RKF Luxury Linen’s PPE masks receive greenlight for sale and use in GCC spas and hotels

Linen provider RKF Luxury Linen has upgraded its facemask line with the highest possible safety certification in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to enable them to be sold in and used by spa and hotel staff – and their guests – in GCC countries.

During 2020 Q2, RKF created the PPE masks – which achieved five international safety certifications – in collaboration with the French Government to help aid the global PPE shortage.

However, Riadh Bouaziz, CEO and founder of RKF, recently updated the masks so that they adhered to the GCC’s strict standards and certification for PPE.

Following this, RKF increased production and rolled out new masks in fresh designs.

It also created 12 bespoke designs for retail and for use by spa and hotel staff.

The recyclable masks are category one protected at 99.9 per cent, capable of 50 washes, breathable, lightweight and are suitable for adults and children.

According to Bouaziz, it was crucial for the masks to be sustainable yet chic in order to cater to the high-end luxury markets in the GCC.

Made in France, the masks are also certified by the French Government Defense Procurement and Technology Agency (DGA), the French General Army Direction and the French Institute of Textile and Clothing Industry.

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