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Ojmar's new OCS SMART allows for a truly hands-free locker system

Ojmar has launched OCS SMART, a next-generation smart lock that can be controlled via a mobile phone, tablet, or smart watch using Bluetooth technology. It pairs with the OCS SMART app, to increase the ease of installation and usage.

In addition to the touchless features via Bluetooth, the lock has a keypad backup. The battery lifespan of the lock gives up to five years of use before changeout is required. The keypad is crevice-free and waterproof, allowing for an easy and efficient wipe down of the lock surface.

The OCS SMART was designed for a simple installation process. Because it is a wireless system, there are no cumbersome cables or complex wiring, making it ideal for agile working environments.

The lock is equipped with a wide range of manager- and user-programmable features, including private and public settings, audit trails, rental durations, scheduled automatic openings, and the ability to allocate lockers via QR code or permits sent via email, or multiple social media platforms. A software development kit (SDK) is also available for seamless integration with in-house applications.

Aitor Elorza, Ojmar's sales and marketing director, said: "OCS SMART allows your locker system to become truly hands-free."

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