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How are hundreds of gym operators suddenly saving a lot of money for doing a lot less work?

Let’s talk about Orbit4 – the secret behind successful gyms.

Gym operators have described Orbit4 as ‘this year’s gift to the fitness industry’ and if you don’t know why, then it’s worth reading on…

So what is Orbit4?

Orbit4 is the umbrella brand for: FitnessCompared, FitnessFinance, WeServiceGymEquipment and WeBuyGymEquipment.

Daniel Jones, CEO, says: “Put simply - imagine a venn diagram with gym equipment at the heart of it and nearly everything to do with gym equipment surrounding it and you’re almost there.

“Now consider each stage of the asset journey; procurement, finance, servicing and disposal. Consolidate these elements into one platform, sprinkle with smart automation plus amazing aggregated partners and you have Orbit4.

“With average savings of £25,000 (€29,200, US$34,600) over the lifespan of the equipment – you can see why it’s so popular. If you own a gym and aren’t using it, we’re confident you soon will be.”

How does it make life easier?

Orbit4 fully automates the entire commercial fitness equipment journey for you.

Once assets are uploaded into the system, the platform auto-populates each quadrant within the dashboard with real-time quotations from suppliers and service providers. Saving thousands of hours of early-stage procurement every year.

In addition, the WeBuyGymEquipment quadrant within the dashboard provides an accurate residual value of the gyms existing asset at any time during the asset cycle. This allows gym operators to make informed decisions about when to upgrade their products and recognise the sweet spot of decision making.

Is there a cost to Orbit4 for the gym operator?

There are two options for Orbit4 – free and Premium.

The free version provides percentage savings that the platform could make if utilised. In addition, many gyms have decided to use the free version to help manage their asset, i.e. having a place to record the asset rather than the alternative, a paper record or excel spreadsheet.

The premium dashboard gives you immediate access to the live quotations for service contracts and new equipment, finance options and the residual value.

The fitness industry is playing catch up with other global industries and Orbit4 delivers efficiencies throughout the process for all related parties whilst driving good value economically, environmentally and ethically.

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