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PaviFLEX UK: More than flooring

PaviFLEX UK offers specialised technical support to help you create your gym or training area with a 3D design service to turn your project into reality.

Awarded facilities
PaviFLEX recently helped conceive the official Panatta showroom located in Ruse, Bulgaria as a clear example of elegance and functionality for a three-floor gym covering 1,020sq m.

The facility features a cardio and light equipment floor complete with 7mm Eco flooring in grey and black and a striking printed mountain landscape wallpaper.

The lower floor is designed to recreate an ideal motivational atmosphere in a strength zone, with 10mm thickness rubber flooring in granite and Blackstone colour which highlights the vertical goal elements that reach the ceiling in black and continue lines with the lighting.

Designed by Adimari Studio, the gym won the 2020 Dibla design awards in the Spa & Fitness category.

Another one of PaviFLEX’s latest and most impressive 2021 installations has been at the new Gymage in Miami.

Designed by Clavel Architecture, the gym combines natural elements with old structures and wood to create a 10,000sq m lifestyle facility.

Lights, plants, colours and organic shapes have been brought together to reinvent the concept of the gym.

Different spaces are connected by a wooden athletics track and LED tubes running along the roof of the gym and which turn the different spaces and activities into a unique and exclusive experience.

Haya and Wenge premium rubber flooring has been deployed for the free weights and strength areas, alongside Turflex spaces and an integrated CrossTraining area with an orange three-lane central athletics track.

Inspired by how a gym would look in 2030, Gymage has been designed to pave the way for the future of social fitness.

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