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BC Softwear launches post-swim towelling poncho for wild swimming and outdoor wellness experiences

BC Softwear has introduced its brand new SwimSoft Towelling Poncho for spas and hotels offering outdoor wellness and hydrotherapy activities.

The ponchos are made with SupremeSoft fabric for fast drying and energy-saving properties, alongside paired lightweight plushness on the outside and absorbent towelling for a cosy feel on the inside.

Made in a generous, roomie fit, the robes are designed to give full coverage – with a hood for added warmth – and feature underarm slits and side slits for easy changing on the beach or by the pool.

“As with all our products, our inspiration always stems from initial customer interest,” said Barbara Cooke, BC Softwear founder and CEO.

“The SwimSoft Towelling Poncho was inspired by an early morning wild swim in Cornwall before Spa Fest 2019 when a group of spa industry friends took an early morning dip and observed how nice it would’ve been to have a bespoke designed post-swim robe.

“The pandemic has also kickstarted an interest in wild swimming and outdoor river, lake and beach activities which an increasing number of spa and hotel operators have begun to offer to guests. This reaffirmed our thinking that this towelling poncho would be welcomed and have relevance to many hotel and spa resorts.”

The ponchos can be embroidered with any hotel or spa logo or plain text and are available in slate grey and pebble finishes.

BC Softwear has created sizes for both adults and children.

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