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Are traditional gyms going to war with smart gyms?

CEO of Orbit4, Daniel Jones, says: “There’s no reason traditional gyms and smart gyms can’t live in harmony. With a little reorganisation and education, there’s a really bright future for all gyms.”

This year the fitness industry is booming after being penetrated by some majorly disruptive technologies.

When artificial intelligence (AI) based features are integrated into personalised fitness applications, businesses or clubs may attract more customers and boost revenue.

AI has a huge potential for the fitness industry with the rise of:

• AI-powered wristbands and gadgets.
• AI-driven diet and nutrition apps.
• Intelligence footwear powered by artificial intelligence.
• Smart assistants for gyms and other health clubs.
• AI-powered yoga suits to monitor movement and set accurate posture.

So, unclench your fist – they mean no harm. Better still, get your head around it and you’ll be saving some serious money.

More people than ever before are using smart gyms to keep their bodies healthy in order to avoid or recover from illness.

The fitness industry has responded to this huge rise in demand by transforming traditional gyms into smart gyms with AI models.

Traditional gyms don’t need as much money spent on maintenance costs in a year as smart gyms which require frequent maintenance to keep up the IoT devices with artificial intelligence efficiently and effectively.

Jones has created an ecosystem of online platforms to help transform the way gym operators purchase, finance, maintain and dispose of gym equipment.

“This year we’ve seen a huge demand for Orbit4 in the gym space. Loyalty is an expensive business these days and is best saved for your personal life. If you want to streamline processes, save a bit of money and have more time creating a better member experience, commercial comparison sites are vital.

“Orbit4 is made up of comparison and auction sites where businesses fight for your hard-earned business,” he says, “for example, at WeServiceGymEquipment, our national collection of service and maintenance providers bid for your contract and you choose whichever service ticks your boxes.

“We’ve done the hard work for gym operators by creating a bespoke platform that enables instant access to the wider market, so service contracts can be competitively bid upon.”

Fully transparent, the gym operator reviews the options via company, track record, price and references. Then they can choose the successful company and the partnership before the annual contract begins.

We ServiceGymEquipment is an excellent example of how gyms can save hours trawling the internet for service provision.

Thousands of gym operators are switching to Orbit4’s gym equipment management ecosystem to increase profits from buying equipment to finance and even disposal through our popular WeBuyGymEquipment bidding portal.

Each of its websites is free to join. Even better, when you use its fitness equipment comparison website FitnessCompared you also get free expert advice from Orbit4’s team of gym designers.

There are no catches - it’s just a smarter way of doing things.

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