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Humanising the member app experience

FunXtion has upgraded its White Label Member App with a raft of new features to support its partners in scaling up and keeping up with rising member expectations.

New additions include:

1. The Enhanced Online Coaching Module

The Online Coaching Module is a new digital community where clubs, instructors and members can directly connect on all thing’s fitness and training.

The addition to FunXtion’s White Label App creates a unique selling point for clubs looking to attract new members and re-engage existing clients with hyper-personalised, all-encompassing coaching at scale.

Through the Online Coaching Module, trainers can provide immediate support via the White Label App, whilst members can associate their success directly to their fitness facility. Coaches can chat, make video calls and provide tailored coaching plans that members can access in-club, at home, or on-the-go.

FunXtion recognises the important role of trainers in boosting member engagement and overall club satisfaction but also understands the value of fostering these relationships within the club environment. The upgraded feature enables FunXtion’s partners to maintain relevance to members through the delivery of personalised programs based on the core ethos of their facility.

2. Trackable workout challenges

Variety and personalisation are amongst the most effective defences against exercise boredom and membership dropout. To amplify their effect, FunXtion releases bespoke workout challenges via the White Label App to leverage the rising popularity of wearables.

FunXtion is partnering with WeFitter, creators of digital health-tracking software. The new workout challenges move online coaching to the next level, taking full advantage of the soaring popularity in member wearable usage and the importance of social amplification on the gym-goer’s experience.

The add-on provides a new way for clubs to connect (or re-connect) with their member community, both in and outside their physical space.

Capitalising on the technology that fitness seekers are increasingly using on a daily basis strengthens the club’s ability to stay relevant with its members.

Ernst De Neef, FunXtion CEO, says: “Our flexible, white labelled package provides a strong digital platform that ensures a facility maintains relevance in the lives of its members.

“FunXtion enables clubs to support and connect to members whether they’re in the gym, at home or on the go.”

FunXtion continues to work with club partners to scale up their business with innovative member-focused initiatives.

For more information visit FunXtion's official website.

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