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Gaia Skincare's new Strengthening Oil showcased within inclusive treatment for people living with long-term health conditions

Skincare and spa brand Gaia Skincare has launched the Gaia Affinity Experience, a spa journey curated for anyone living with mild, long term or life-changing health concerns, such as cancer, MS, Parkinsons, psoriasis, rosacea, anxiety or burns.

The CIBTAC-accredited experience has been designed to provide a rebalancing ritual lasting 40-, 60- or 90- minutes, comprising a nurturing foot ritual and a tailored full body massage, as well as homecare and wellness advice.

Prior to each ritual, specially-trained Gaia therapists conduct a consultation with each guest, adapting the experience based on a guest’s personal needs and preferences at that time.

The Affinity Experience is divided into three categories – Nurture, Nourish and Thrive – each of which are tailored to allow for individual adjustments, such as positioning, pressure and direction of flow.

Nurture: the gentlest treatment option and ideal for guests that are fatigued, anxious or who may be too sensitive for extensive touch firm pressure. Over the towel compressions, static holds and light product applications are gentle and slow, lasting no more than 60 minutes to prevent overstimulation.
Nourish: this category allows for medium pressure, working on tension in the body and pressure point massage – lasting between 40 - 90 minutes, depending on the individual guest.
Thrive: a ritual that allows for medium to deeper pressure, with appropriate adjustments to direction of flow – lasting up to 90 minutes.

To enrich the Affinity Experience, Gaia has also launched a new immune-boosting Strengthening Body Oil.

Certified vegan and cruelty-free, the oil is infused with essential oils of black pepper and ginger to relieve aching muscles, rosemary to support the immune system and ylang-ylang for nurturing positivity.

Used during the Affinity Experience, the Strengthening Oil is available for guests to purchase to continue their wellbeing experience and self-care at home.

“Everyone who visits a spa does so because they want to spend some time taking care of their physical and emotional wellbeing,” explains Diane Nettleton, founder of Gaia.

“None need it more so than those experiencing emotional distress and physical discomfort. We wanted to create a wholly inclusive experience for those affected by mild, long term or life-changing concerns – whether visible or not – without alienation”

“It’s about focusing on wellness, rather than illness and providing a safe space to escape and feel looked after.”

The Affinity Experience is available for Gaia partner spas – with free training for therapists – at a recommended treatment price of:

• 40 minutes Off-peak - Monday to Friday £90 (€106, US$123) | Peak - Saturday & Sunday £95 (€112, US$130).
• 60 minutes Off-peak - Monday to Friday £105 (€124, US$144) | Peak - Saturday & Sunday £115 (€136, US$157).
• 90 minutes Off-peak - Monday to Friday £125 (€148, US$171) | Peak - Saturday & Sunday £140 (€165, US$192).
• Gaia Strengthening Oil | RRP £32 (€38, US$44), 100ml.

The treatment and Strengthening Oil will launch at Gaia Spa at the five-star Boringdon Hall Hotel in Devon.

All Gaia products are natural and organic with all packaging 100 per cent recyclable or biodegradable.

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