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Luxe Fitness partners with Fisikal to drive digital member journey

Luxe Fitness, a Bristol-based gym offering premium service at a budget price has partnered with Fisikal – an expert in digital business management solutions – to enhance its member experience and digital journey.

Looking to provide a high-end digital provision, Luxe Fitness needed a digital partner that provided a complete digital management solution that would seamlessly manage bookings, access control and offer a white-labelled member app to keep members connected, in or outside of the four walls of the physical club.

“Our previous digital partner was struggling to meet our requirements, we were unable to engage with members the way we wanted and this impacted our ability to sustain or grow our revenue,” Allyn Condon, Luxe Fitness general manager explains.

“Fisikal understood our needs and reacted quickly to get us set up with a comprehensive digital system that managed our operations efficiently at just the touch of a button.”

As a 24/7 club, Luxe Fitness needed better access control, ideally a touchless solution to provide the safest entry method for members travelling into, and around the club.

Fisikal has enabled club entry via the presentation of a QR code, RFID chip or by newly introduced advanced facial recognition.

“While we previously had a booking system for classes, Fisikal has helped us improve this experience by making it more user-friendly, with clear actions and personalised notifications to provide members with a more customised experience,” Condon adds.

“We’ve been able to expand our digital booking system to cover PT bookings which has instantly given our trainers a more effective tool to connect with clients and the club the opportunity to improve on incremental spend.”

In addition to customer service, integrating with Fisikal on the development of a member app has opened up secondary spend opportunities for Luxe Fitness as they look to introduce an e-commerce shop, branded products on-demand class content.

To find out more, or discuss your requirements, contact Fisikal for a free discussion and product demonstration.

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