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Knesko Skin unveils the Amethyst Hydrate collection to refresh the skin and rebalance chakras

Skincare and spa brand Knesko Skin has launched the Amethyst Hydrate Collection infused with reiki-charged amethyst gemstone powder and its proprietary Hydrating Complex.

The range features natural collagen hydrogel face, eye and lip masks designed to de-puff and refresh the skin while targetting fine lines by hydrating and nourishing.

Used with each mask, an amethyst gemstone roller helps to sculpt and relax the skin.

Knesko founder Lejla Cas focused the collection around amethyst because of its purported ability to balance the Crown Chakra. Claimed to be one of the most spiritually beneficial crystals, amethyst is also said to promote higher states of consciousness and protects the body from negative energy.

“I’m so committed to empowering women and men of all ages to feel truly good about themselves that I personally charge and set an intention with Reiki Energy in each and every one of our products,” Cas explains.

Cas is a renowned, Los Angeles-based skincare specialist, esthetician, makeup artist and entrepreneur. She has been developing skincare for more than 20 years which has achieved cult status with skincare devotees and celebrities worldwide.

“Our body and mind are sacred temples and amethyst reminds us to treat them as such.

“A stone of protection, it creates an ultraviolet bubble of protective light around people and spaces,” she says, “It’s beneficial for those who suffer from stress-related skin sensitivities and dry complexion, but supportive for any skin type.”

Active ingredients incorporated into the Amethyst Hydrate formula includes:
• Amethyst powder.
• Squalene.
• Panthenol (Vitamin B5).
• Sodium hyaluronate.
• Beta-glucan.
• Meadow-foam seed oil.
• Marine collagen.

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