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Decléor launches new Vitamin Glow Cream enriched with citrus essential oils

Decléor has enhanced its Green Mandarin Glow range with a new face cream designed to strengthen, brighten and smooth the skin while combating oxidative stress.

According to Decléor, oxidative stress damages the skin and the body’s cells through aggressors ranging from pollution and UV rays to lifestyle factors such as lack of sleep or smoking.

With this in mind, the brand’s new Vitamin Day Glow Cream has been formulated with antioxidants in order to neutralise oxidative damage and limit potential damage to the skin.

The cream’s star ingredient is green mandarin rind which is known for its antioxidant benefits.

Powered by 98 per cent natural origin ingredients, the lightweight formula is also enriched with vitamin CG, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid as well as an illuminating pigment claimed to leave users with a healthy glow.

Decléor revealed to Spa Business that there are plans to incorporate the cream into its spa treatments in 2022.

“Decléor’s new Vitamin Glow Cream is a shortcut to a brighter, healthier-looking complexion, powered by the essential oil at the heart of Green Mandarin Aromessence,” said Jennifer Hirsch, Decléor beauty botanist.

“The cream contains a sparkling blend of citrus essential oils that extends beyond green mandarin essential oil to lemon, sweet orange and grapefruit.

“In terms of aromatherapy, these oils are known for their positive, mood-uplifting properties – activity scientists are researching and tying back to the d-limonene expressed with the essential oil when the peel is squeezed.

“The conclusion is that this chemistry supports relaxation and stress reduction.”

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