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Feet on the ground, fitness in the clouds

While exercisers often seek new ways in which to get the most out of their workouts, operators want to do the same with their investments; introducing Life Fitness Connect, a free-to-download mobile app for Apple and Android devices designed to help members maximise their experience using Life Fitness and Cybex equipment.

Designed with the user at the forefront, Life Fitness Connect is easy to use and connects to equipment via NFC, Bluetooth or QR codes.

Users can see videos on correct technique, alternative exercises and workout options, plus the platform’s advanced workout tracking capabilities sync data with compatible wearables and heart rate monitors to track workouts in one place.

To get the most out of their workouts, premium subscribers can also choose from a range of Life Fitness On Demand studio-style classes and adaptive audio coaching classes.

Built with PEAR, the app’s premium adaptive audio coaching classes utilise heart rate-based training and users’ biometric data to adjust workout cues in real-time.

The extensive library of workouts and training plans ranges from high-intensity cardio training, some led by Nike Run coaches, to night-time yoga flow techniques, all taught by world-class trainers and yogis.

Users also have the option to add custom music playlists or select symbiotic music from the app during any workout.

Dan Wille, Life Fitness global vice president of marketing and product development, comments: “With Life Fitness Connect, we’re bringing the workout to the exerciser – whether in the gym or at home – with easy-to-use tracking features that sync with equipment and wearables, and a large library of on-demand and audio coaching classes to keep workouts fresh and exciting.”

Get Started with Life Fitness Connect
• Life Fitness Connect is available as a free-to-download app in the Apple App Store and Google Play stores.

• On-demand and adaptive audio coaching classes are available as a premium subscription service for £5.99 per month or £60.99 per year.

• New users can claim a free 14-day trial with access to premium on-demand classes by downloading and registering for the app.

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