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Quoox throws down the gauntlet in fitness software arena

An increasing number of gym and studio owners are realising that the days of them needing six, eight or 10 pieces of expensive, disjointed and barely adequate software to operate their business is a thing of the past.

Known for its innovation and for providing one of the the most comprehensive gym and fitness facility software management products on the market, Quoox is causing quite a stir with its new pricing model.

Ever since its inception, the Quoox ethos upholds that “every facility should have access to the tools and resources they need to operate both effectively and profitably while delivering the highest quality of service to their members/clients”.

It’s with this in mind that Quoox is now offering its flagship software product from just £49 (US$67) per month, making its premier software solution available to all – regardless of size or budget.

Quoox has established a strong customer base in the UK, Ireland and the US, with many facilities having either outgrown basic ‘bookings and payments systems’ or having become thoroughly frustrated with overpriced and under-performing legacy solutions.

The unified approach championed by Quoox leads to a superior member experience and brings an end to members needing to log into multiple apps/websites simply to access their fitness program.

In many cases, members have been found to achieve better results due to their programmes becoming more readily accessible, and overall satisfaction and retention have risen as a consequence.

With an enviable reputation for its quality of customer support, Quoox is backed by a UK-based help desk team and a knowledge base of several hundred guidance videos and articles.

Find out more or sign-up today at Quoox's official website.

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