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Clarins develops Nutri-Lumière Revive for mature skin

In 2020, luxury French skincare, cosmetics and perfume brand Clarins launched the pro-ageing Nutri-Lumière skin nutrition collection.

Complete with four skincare products, the line is designed for women over 60 and is claimed to nourish and illuminate the skin.

Now in 2022, Clarins has expanded the range with a new addition; the Nutri-Lumière Revive cream.

The new launch is a dual-action revitalising and anti-yellowing complexion day cream formulated to restore radiance and plump nutrient-depleted skin.

According to Clarins, the formula has been developed to combat glycation. This is an age-related occurrence where excess sugars affix themselves onto collagen fibres which leads to a rigidification and ‘browning’ of collagen. This can, in turn, make the skin take on a yellow tint.

Clarins is seeking to tackle glycation through the protective power of kaki, a superfruit rich in vitamin C and minerals, and a key ingredient in Nutri-Lumière Revive, to help break down sugars and diminish the effects of glycation on the skin.

The Nutri-Lumière Revive formula also contains illumining violet pearls and a violet-tinted texture to help enhance the skin’s radiance by better reflecting the light. In addition, the cream is claimed to neutralise the colour yellow to colour-correct the complexion and provide an immediate skin-enhancing effect.

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