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Phytomer celebrates 50 years of beauty by the sea

French marine skincare and spa brand Phytomer has reached its 50th-anniversary milestone and is preparing to celebrate in more than 80 countries, in collaboration with 10,000 spas.

Since its inception in 1972 in St Malo, Brittany, the brand has remained committed to producing formulas underpinned by powerful marine ingredients, all obtained through eco-friendly and responsible means to preserve natural resources.

The family story behind the brand involves three ambitious generations – grandfather Jean, who pioneered the idea of turning the sea into wellness skincare; his son Antoine, who focused on developing exceptional marine research and development standards, and putting Phytomer on the international stage; and Antoine’s daughter Mathilde, who together with her husband Tristan, has spent more than a decade gaining detailed experience in every part of the business – from product development, branding and distribution, to launching two Phytomer spas.

Mathilde and Tristan are the dedicated couple who are now poised to lead the brand into its next half-century.

Marking a milestone

So what celebrations lie in store for Phytomer’s 50th anniversary this year? Mathilde told Spa Business the brand is gearing up to host a big event for the company’s international distributors in St Malo this month, an anniversary roadshow visiting 10 cities around France, as well as many celebrations across Phytomer’s worldwide network.

Innovation-wise, Phytomer will release Oligo 6, an anti-ageing focused marine concentrate, packed with trace elements, vitamins and prebiotics, as well as a premium facial treatment.
Above all, she acknowledges the privilege of soon heading up a spa skincare company that has remained an independent family business for 50 years.

“We remain true to our values and work ethics,” she says. “With no outside pressure from investors, we can make all our decisions based on what’s right for the brand, our employees, our customers and of course the environment.

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished thanks to our partners and colleagues, and excited for the future.”

Over the next two years, the brand will focus further on developing organic lines (the first, Cyfolia, launched in 2020), a biotechnology production unit (2024) and an ambitious merchandising programme to help clients with spa design and product staging, as well as refillable product containers.

To read more about Phytomer’s history, spa treatments and plans for the future, head to the latest issue of Spa Business.

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