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Zelens launches professional treatments for spas and clinics

Science-led skincare brand Zelens has entered the spa market with a set of four new professional treatments.

Zelens was founded in 2005 by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Marko Lens. He’s also a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, holding a Master of Science degree from Harvard University and a PhD degree from Oxford University in the field of skin cancer.

The brand’s products are claimed to combine high-performance active biotechnology ingredients with a blend of plant-derived molecules with anti-ageing and healing properties.

The new rituals have debuted at the Chuan Body+Soul spa at The Langham hotel in London.

James Lamb, CEO of Zelens, said: “We’re excited to launch Zelens Professional in its first London location, with more partnerships to follow globally as we accelerate the growth of our spa business following the pandemic.

“Our new professional offering is more than a complement to our retail collection; it encompasses a complete clinical strength regimen by itself, with a protocol of customisable tech-enhanced treatments, making it ideal for both spas and clinics.”

Utilising both the Zelens professional line and 3D URF equipment, the treatments are designed to deliver high-performance results while providing a relaxing experience.

The Zelens 3D URF machine combines ultrasound and multi-polar radiofrequency. High-level soundwave technology creates mechanical and thermal stimulation to promote lymphatic drainage and detoxification, cellular renewal and repair, while radiofrequency delivers energy through the skin to heat tissue, stimulate collagen contraction and tighten skin.

Each product in the Zelens professional lineup is clinical strength and created exclusively for use by spas and clinics.

The new treatments
Signature 4D - Contour and Firm - 90 minutes, £235 (US$287, €276)
Combining professional formulations with Zelens URF technology to help promote skin renewal and repair. A facial treatment designed to support synchronisation of the skin’s natural circadian rhythm, this facial helps to sculpt and aid the skin’s natural recovery process to reveal a brighter, healthier complexion.

3D - Tightening and Firming - 60 minutes, £185 (US$226, €217),
A firming facial treatment claimed to redefine the skin of the face and neck using Zelens ultrasound 3D technology and professional grade formulas powered by a blend of peptides and botanical active ingredients to help promote collagen production.

Oxygenate and Detox - 60 minutes, £160 (US$195, €188)
A treatment designed to provide a boost of energy and oxygen while enhancing the detoxification process. Created for tired, dull, stressed, jet-lagged skin and skin exposed to environmental pollutants.

Ultimate Black Peel - 30 minutes, £120 (US$147, €141)
A skin renewal treatment using a clinical-grade black peel system formulated with 10 different acids blended in a peat-enriched base. Claimed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help to diminish uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

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