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Lion Stone Art crafts statement natural stone designs to enhance wellness environments

Turkey-based Lion Stone Art is producing luxury natural stone design pieces to create aesthetic spaces in spas, wellness facilities, gyms, hotels and private residences.

The group works with a range of marble and precious stones varying in colour, depth and texture. Its core remit includes crafting 3D feature walls, hybrid marble furniture, stairs, abstract sculptures and waterjet applications to enhance properties’ overall design and atmosphere.

Lion Stone Art also collaborates closely with clients to design and manufacture bespoke products.

Hüseyin Arslan, Lion Stone Art GM and architect, says: “Marble is a unique work of art that takes millions of years to form. It’s been used as an indispensable building material by human beings for centuries due to its elegance, beauty and durability.

“We process, design and add value to our customer’s spaces by reflecting the beauty of nature in our art.”

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