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How Massage Green Spa adopted the right technology to drive sales and unify more than 100 locations

Affordable luxury brand Massage Green Spa lacked a centralised view of its growing, widespread operations. With the brand evolving, the head office needed a way to easily coordinate operations across spas and drive revenue consistently.

With more than 100 locations across the US, implementing a new business system seemed like a daunting challenge.

“Any transition of this scale is bound to be a huge task,” recalls Lishell Toney, Massage Green Spa director of franchise operations.

After careful consideration, the brand partnered with Zenoti to bring its complete spa technology platform to all its centres.

“We transitioned every spa to Zenoti over a span of a few weeks,” says Toney. “We migrated years of data, trained staff that was geographically distributed, and the Zenoti team was able to quickly respond to questions.”

By switching to Zenoti, Massage Green Spa could fulfil a previously difficult need: to unify its operations, with one central dashboard giving the head office a bird’s eye view of all franchises.

“My team now has access to the business performance of the company,” says Toney, “and we’re able to speed up key decisions.”

In addition to centralising operations, Massage Green Spa used Zenoti to offer gift cards and membership sales online. Its guests responded: gift cards generated US$248,000 in 10 months, while membership sales achieved a further US$190,000 in just four months.

Carlos Guzmán, president and COO, comments: “Zenoti has helped us achieve new efficiencies and marketing capabilities for our franchisees and guests.”

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