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Customise a bespoke SnowRoom with TechnoAlpin’s new design simulator

Italian SnowRoom specialist TechnoAlpin has developed a new interactive tool to help clients virtually simulate and design their own SnowRoom before committing to purchase.

The configurator allows clients to get to grips with the product and explore a range of styles and design options.

Users begin by choosing their desired SnowRoom size and can then customise it with different wall covering textures, a selection of motifs, floor and ceiling designs, door positioning and a variety of accessories.

“The configurator was developed out of the need for a better online presence during the pandemic, and the recent demand for hyper-personalisation,” explained Sara Brenninger, product manager at TechnoAlpin.

“As our sellers couldn't show potential clients a SnowRoom in-person, the need arose for a tool that could realistically simulate what a SnowRoom looks like and how it can be personalised.”

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