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Mother nature inspires J Grabner’s new embossed sauna panelling

Intricate textures found in nature have inspired J Grabner’s new 3D embossed Saunaboard Arte range.

The company is producing the wooden boards in four types of wood and in three different designs, including Ammonite, which depicts the traditional spiral structure of prehistoric fossils, as well as a coral-reef-inspired finish – named Coral. A third Timber design mirrors the natural look of end-grain wood slices.

J Grabner worked with students to generate ideas for the nature-inspired sauna boards.

“We already offer four types of embossing, so we were searching for some bold new motifs,” comments Christian Baumberger, head of sales at Saunaboard.

“Since we work in wellness, we wanted natural designs which would create a calming atmosphere while also offering a unique aesthetic feature.”

Produced in Austria, all Saunaboard collections have high technical characteristics and are water- and heat resistant, formaldehyde-free and have been temperature tested up to 90°C.In addition, the panel’s smooth surface makes the boards easy to clean.

To find out more about J Garbner, head to this video.

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