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Mosaïque Surface introduces elegant Gem Glass range

North American mosaic manufacturer, Mosaïque Surface, has announced the release of its new Gem Glass collection.

Every piece offers a unique blend of colour within a semi-opaque mosaic tile material, and can be used to enhance spa or wellness environments from simple to sophisticated.

According to Mosaïque Surface, Gem Glass is highly adaptable in its application thanks to the range’s wide selection of both vibrant hues and delicate tints.

Gem Glass can be used on its own or can elevate the design effect of other materials within the Mosaïque Surface catalogue – including natural stone, Venetian glass, metal, Terrazzo and mother of pearl tile products.

Traditionally, thin glass mosaics can be difficult to mix with thicker surfaces, such as stone or metal, however, Gem Glass can be customised to align with any surface materials within the Mosaïque Surface range.

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