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Medical Wellness Congress interviews speakers ahead of June conference

The team behind the Medical Wellness Congress (MWC) is continuing with its online series of interviews with its renowned speakers, sponsors and ambassadors on board for the event on 27-28 June at Saint Martin’s Therme & Lodge, located in Austria near Vienna.

The interviewees are giving the audience a bite-sized preview of various topics that the real-time congress addresses in its conference and workshop programme in late June.

Following interviews with Andrew Gibson, Pierre-Louis Delapalme and Alberto Apostoli, MWC is honoured to release the interview of Dr George Gaitanos, chief operating and scientific officer of the Chenot Group.

Gaitanos' feature sees him sit down with Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder of World Wellness Weekend, and discuss his own definition of medical wellness and its scope, the specificities of each Chenot property and the innovations he identifies within this sector.

With the rest of the speakers' interviews coming soon, spa professionals are invited to tune in and listen about the evolution of the sector and also book their entry passes to attend the congress taking place in less than a month.

Upcoming interviews to be released include:
• László Puczkó - CEO of Health Tourism Worldwide.
• Rainer Bolsinger - CSO & CMO of Art of Cryo.
• Sammy Gharieni - founder and CEO of Gharieni Group.

Check out the real-time conference programme and the workshops planning here or get your delegate pass here.

Follow this link to discover the event sponsors.

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