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Esthetica’s Shirodhara Massage Bed honours Ayurveda’s ancient traditions

The Shirodhara Massage Bed is Esthetica’s multipurpose massage table solution, designed for both oil and dry massages.

Crafted from solid teak wood, using tenon and mortise joinery, the massage table is designed with a host of accessories. These include a wooden step stool, two bolsters, two brass bowls, a detachable cushioned headrest, a thin mattress for oil massages, a detachable lower wooden tray and drawer and a wooden support system to recline the backrest.

Esthetica has also developed the table with a removable top mattress so therapists can easily pivot to offer floor massages or stretching exercises.

To take your offering to the next level, clients can upgrade their order to include a specially-crafted Shirodhara Stand and Wooden Headrest to allow them to perform the traditional Ayurvedic practise of Shirodhara.

Esthetica uses Italian PU or Aqua Base Coatings to coat the table and offers a selection of wood stain options to choose from. The leatherette is also fire retardant grade and can be finished in multiple colour options.

To check out Esthetica’s full range of spa equipment, head to its official website.

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