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Gharieni launches RLX Aurasens Experience Lounger to engage the senses

The RLX Aurasens Experience Lounger is the latest launch from spa and wellness equipment supplier Gharieni Group.

Designed to offer a deeply immersive experience, users can choose from four different programmes – ranging from 3-20 minutes – which blend a combination of sound and vibration to emulate the four natural elements.

The bed incorporates pulsating haptic sensations in the mattress thanks to 28 transducers as well as a selection of curated musical content via headphones.

The programmes on offer include:
• Fire: an energising experience designed for those seeking relief from muscle tension.
• Water: a soothing programme recommended for those seeking deep relaxation and emotional healing.
• Earth: a calming protocol designed to ground users and rebalance their energy.
• Air: a programme designed to promote a feeling of weightlessness, which is recommended for those seeking mental clarity and physical restoration.

The bed is controlled via an iPad where guests can select a programme of their choice or opt for their favourite music.

“The RLX Aurasens transports users to an altered reality with programmes that are designed to be short yet powerful,” said Sammy Gharieni, company founder, “the new bed brings innovation and excitement to the 21st-century spa and wellness sector and is an emerging star in our mind/body wellness technologies portfolio.

“The new RLX Aurasens lounger offers a deeply immersive virtual experience and takes the user on a whole new guest journey by creating a sensorial landscape and dreamscape through carefully curated haptic and musical content!

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