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Lifting communities can connect and compete using Brawn’s AI-driven InGym

Brawn has launched InGym, a connected strength-training visual display solution for the free weights lifting community. The technology was recently revealed to the public at the Ministry of Sound, in London, when a floor full of lifters gathered with the goal of reaching a collective 350,000kg.

InGym aims to empower lifters by providing AI-driven lifting challenges, tracking performance and goals. It displays results on an interactive display that can connect with other lifting communities in other gyms using InGym up and down the country. They can be shared on social media too.

The on-screen results come from the data that gym members enter during their workouts, which allows users to track and view their own results in real-time. Shared data creates a network of lifters which facilitates community competition and leaderboard rankings that drive motivation and retention.

“Brawn is leading the industry into digitised strength training and connecting the lifting community,” said Sohail Rashid, Brawn’s founder and CEO. “We believe this places Brawn in an area where no other product in the fitness market has gone before.”

The product is currently being rolled out across 50 clubs.

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