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Therabody introduces its first facial health device, the TheraFace PRO

Percussive therapy tech company Therabody has introduced the TheraFace PRO to offer the
‘ultimate portable facial health device’ for professional use in spas and by consumers at

For the first time, Theragun’s proprietary percussive technology has been combined with other modalities to address the face to reduce tension, relax facial muscles and address discomfort related to migraines, headaches and jaw pain.

Dr Jason Wersland, Therabody founder, told Spa Business: “The beauty of the TheraFace PRO is in its versatility with eight treatments in one single, handheld device. We want people to reimagine the way they think about whole-body wellness.”

The TheraFace PRO offers six modalities: Percussive facial therapy; Microcurrent Therapy; LED Light Therapy (with three programmes to choose from); Deep Cleansing; and Hot and Cold Rings (sold separately).

“This gives the user the ability to easily switch between different treatment types and care for the deeper layers of the skin and muscles in our face,” he said.

“The level of flexibility TheraFace PRO provides makes it the perfect addition to any spa menu, working as a standalone treatment or to complement existing facial protocols, with a multi-layered approach.”

Therabody has engineered the product into a customisable experience with easily interchangeable magnetic ring attachments that allow the user to switch between, and even combine, treatments.

Therabody worked for two years to develop the TheraFace PRO, collaborating with dermatologists, scientists, and skin health specialists.

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