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Phytomer revamps Expert Youth Cream with all-new formula, packaging and fragrance

Expert Youth Wrinkle-Plumping Cream is the latest innovation to be unveiled by marine skincare and spa brand Phytomer.

The anti-ageing product is the newest version of Phytomer’s iconic Expert Youth Cream which has been refreshed with a new formula, packaging and fragrance.

Phytomer has chosen to update the formula with a new star ingredient, red coral, which it claims helps revitalise the skin’s fibroblasts from within to stimulate collagen and densify the dermis. The end result is said to be a reduction in the size and definition of wrinkles.

Brown algae has also been incorporated to help smooth expression lines by regenerating the skin while adenosine, shea butter and Phytomer’s trademark Oligomer blend have been added to ensure the cream offers a nourishing anti-ageing skincare solution.

After working alongside a respected fragrance designer in Grasse, France, Phytomer has also switched up the cream’s fragrance to include notes of blackcurrant, pear, violet jasmine, plum and apple, as well as lily of the valley, sandalwood, musk and cedar wood.

In addition, Phytomer has taken steps to ensure the cream meets high sustainability standards. With 96 per cent of ingredients derived from their natural origin, Phytomer has realised the product using local ingredients sourced near its HQ in Brittany, France, as well as products grown by the brand's in-house laboratory using sustainable cultivation methods.

Expert Youth Cream is also now packaged in a glass jar and outer box, both of which are recyclable.

“Our wrinkle-targeting Expert Youth Cream has been totally revamped to be more eco-friendly and more efficient," explained Mathilde Gédouin-Lagarde, Phytomer deputy GM, "its reboosted marine formula promotes local ingredients from Brittany to visibly smooth and plump up all wrinkles.

“It offers the skin a complete sensory experience with a comforting melting balm texture and a delicate scent of fresh and floral notes that envelops the skin. This new cream is the perfect illustration of how Phytomer can best serve the skin and the sea.”

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