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Reinventing fitness wear for Pure Gym

In a departure from the traditional fitness brands, Pure Gym put its trust in corporate uniform provider Jermyn Street Design (jSD) to completely reinvent its fitness wear for staff. The result was not only a revolutionary new uniform range, but it was created without anyone ever meeting, handling any fabric or trying anything on due to social distancing rules in place at the time.

“We not only reinvented the entire uniform range, but we also reinvented the process of developing a new clothing range using avatars for the first time,” says David Humphries, account manager at jSD, who oversaw the whole process.

A new chapter
The new uniform range consists of multiple items, including t-shirts, sweat-tops, jogging bottoms and leggings, all designed around the Pure Gym logo’s teal colour. Every item was designed to Pure Gym’s requirements and the shape and fit were both a key focus to bring the overall look up to date.

The uniforms also had to make staff easily identifiable in an environment where everyone is wearing sports clothing.

Usually, the design process would involve several meetings presenting designs, fabric samples and sample items. But things were different this time due to lockdown because the new range was being completely redesigned during lockdown.

The initial designs were shared between jSD and Pure Gym using avatars, so no one even handled a single garment until the end of the design stage and the first samples were being made. Humphries explains: “We’ve presented designs virtually before, but this was the first time we had used avatars, where everyone can fully explore the designs in a virtual environment.

“We could make instant changes to the fabric, colours, shape and fit on the spot. It enabled us to discuss what worked and what didn’t and move on to the next stage very quickly and without wasting time or resources on several design samples.”

A fresh feel

For the new uniform range to meet the fit and function requirements that previous uniforms had lacked involved a considerable amount of design work. Previous uniforms had been based on standard, off-the-shelf sports items from high street brands, which were colour coordinated and logos added.

jSD designers went back to the drawing board and created the new look from scratch so that they weren’t constrained by any preconceptions as to what the uniform should look like.

Designer Nihal Selimi explains the process: “The fit of the new uniform was absolutely paramount, so we took time to understand the wearer size profiles in all job roles across the company.

“Most sportswear brands are aimed at a mass market and the fit is standard, even if the wearer isn’t. We made sure that every item looked great and that the fit was appropriate, comfortable and flattering whether they were in a size xxs, 4xl or anything in between.

“We ensured that items were gender neutral, enabling everyone to choose the look that works best for them. And, because everyone is unique, we also included custom sizing where necessary – such as a longer arm or leg measurement – to accommodate everyone.”

A series of sample fit sessions were filmed and shared with the Pure Gym team. This meant that a wider range of employees, including those working from home, could view and comment on the designs.

Humphries explains: “This was the first time we’d used our in-house design studio in London for filming and it worked really well, enabling us to engage with a wider audience in a more dynamic and direct way.”

Martyn Wheeler, operating model manager for Pure Gym, adds: “The old uniform was an outdated shape and we clearly needed a range that was much more stylish. jSD certainly delivered that and our members and staff all love it!

“Members can quickly identify who’s who in the gym – and by adding a range for our central support team as well as PTs, fitness coaches and management, everyone feels included. Everyone loves the new shape, how it fits and how it feels.”


Alongside the process of designing the new range, jSD also developed a dedicated website for Pure Gym staff to order their items through a simple to use online ordering system.

The website includes automatic allocation and budget control and the ability to run detailed reports.

“It’s very user-friendly,” says Wheeler, “every individual has a set allocation and staff can log in and make their selection from their allowance. The delivery process is excellent, and they receive orders within three to four days – previously it used to take up to four weeks.”

jSD also manages ongoing management and distribution.

As Humphries explains: “Creating a new uniform doesn’t end with the design stage. If a member of staff is without a uniform for any reason then the uniform has failed. It’s important for us to accurately forecast requirements in a cost-effective way. There is a balance to be achieved between not holding too much stock while at the same time avoiding shortages. We also manage any returns back into stock and maintain accurate allowance data.”

Wheeler concludes: “We built up a great relationship with jSD and we really put our trust in them from the start.

“The team communicated everything at every stage of the process and now we have launched the uniform, they manage the fulfilment too. We have a dedicated helpdesk and they are always there for us, reporting on orders, supporting our teams and responding to queries quickly.

“The end result is a look that really stands out, works in a gym environment and, crucially, is delivered in the right size at the right time.”

The new uniform range has been so successful that it has already gone global, with Switzerland and Saudi Arabia also adopting the range.

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