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Art and spa collide as Soleum Spa and SICIS launch hand-set mosaic spa pods

Steam bath specialist Soleum Spa is collaborating with glass mosaic manufacturer SICIS to create a new line of wellbeing chambers.

The Austria and Italy-based companies are working with more than 900 different colours of glass mosaic tiles – in addition to precious metals and Marmor – to decorate Soleum’s existing line of spa cabins.

SICIS can create a range of bespoke mosaic designs, including hotel logos, on both the inside and outside of the chamber.

“80 per cent of the production process for our spa cabin is completed by hand,” explained Thomas Kiesenebner, Soleum CEO, “now, we’re refining the offering with expert craftsmanship from one of the last authentic mosaic manufacturers in Europe.

“Our collaboration represents the coming together of two worlds; art and spa.”
Kiesenebner added that even when not in use, the illuminated cabins offer an eye-catching centrepiece for a spa or outdoor pool area.

The chambers are available as both indoor and outdoor cabins and provide the following treatments:
• Infrared-light therapy.
• Steam baths.
• Halotherapy (dry salt inhalation).
• Brine inhalation.
• Tea inhalation.

Operators can also personalise the cabins to suit different moods by playing music through in-built speakers as well as programming coloured lighting.

The collaboration between Soleum and SICIS will be a long-term partnership and be expanded in future with joint projects.

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