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Book4Time teams up with Gantner to offer spas access control solutions

Leading cloud-based spa, wellness and leisure activity management software Book4Time manages the end-to-end guest experience for international hotels, resorts, casinos, golf, and private member clubs operating in over 85 countries worldwide and is the preferred solution for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious brands.

Book4Time has recently announced a new partnership with hardware-based, access control company Gantner.

How does Gantner work?
The business makes devices which are connected to door locks, as well as supply the RFID cards/bracelets that its hardware reads. Guests will approach a Gantner device and present their RFID card/bracelet. Each card/bracelet has its own unique ID associated with the guest and is provided to the property by Gantner. The device will then open the lock or do nothing, based on the response from the Book4time system.

The new collaboration
Book4Time’s partnership with Gantner will allow you to offer access control solutions via key cards that allow members to access certain points throughout your property based on their membership level.

Our enhanced membership capabilities allow you to offer tiered membership levels at different price points. A great example of how our membership model would work with the Gantner access control system would be if you offer silver, gold and platinum membership levels.

For example, if platinum cardholders are the only group allowed access to your rooftop pool, then the doors to the rooftop pool cannot be unlocked by one of the other membership cards that fall under the gold or silver membership levels.

Real-time pop-up notifications will appear in Book4time letting you know when a point of entry has been accessed or even when someone has been denied right down to the membership number.

How does the integration work?
Each Gantner reader is configured with a “Name” or some other identifier which tells us which door the device is attached to. When a guest approaches a reader, and taps their RFID device, Ganter will reach out to Book4Time via WebSocket and send us the door identifier, and the unique RFID number.

Book4Time will then decide whether the guest is valid and open the door.

“We never stop innovating,” said Sal Capizzi, Book4Time director of marketing, “as our offerings have advanced so have our clients.

“The need for membership options in spas and wellness centres has skyrocketed and so has the demand for access control. This strategic partnership will allow both Book4Time and Gantner to offer a solution that provides exclusivity to our clients.”

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