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Vinoble Cosmetics develops Pure vegan skincare line fuelled by grape antioxidants

Austrian spa and skincare brand Vinoble Cosmetic has unveiled its new vegan vinotherapy skincare collection, Pure, designed for skin with special requirements.

Nine new facial products form the range which is powered by COSMOS-certified active natural ingredients chosen to moisturise the skin and promote regeneration. The line-up includes a face cream, four face serums, an eye concentrate, a mask, a tonic and an exfoliating scrub.

Handmade in Austria, the products are suitable for sensitive skin and people who are immunocompromised, such as cancer patients, Covid patients or people with a weaker immune system than usual.

To mark the new launch, Vinoble has also unveiled two new professional spa treatments incorporating the new products. This includes a 60-minute facial (€129, US$123, £115) and a 70-minute facial (€150, US$143,£134). Both are based on three essential elements: breathwork, stimulation of the vagus nerve and aromatherapy.

"Health is undoubtedly the most important thing we have as human beings, something I was confronted with when a diagnosis changed my life overnight,” said Luise Köfer, Vinoble founder and CEO.

“It was during this time – when I was reminded how important it is to eat healthily, use healthy products and live in harmony with nature – that the seeds for the Vinoble Pure line were sown.”

Founded by Köfer in 2005, Vinoble’s vegan skincare is fuelled by antioxidants found in grapes. The brand was introduced to offer a minimalist, sustainable, responsible and unisex skincare brand.

With over 260 partners in 14 countries worldwide, Vinoble provides its products and spa treatments to hotel spas, day spas and institutes in the luxury segment.

The brand packages all its products in recyclable packaging made of glass and wood – without an outer carton – to set new standards not only in design but also in sustainability.

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