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Prepare for a restorative night’s sleep with Swissline and Abigail James

Swissline has collaborated with renowned UK facialist, Abigail James, on a co-branded collagen bedtime ritual revolving around two of the brand’s latest products and a best-selling essence.

James shared why she thinks this at-home facial ritual is so special:

“The physical impacts of massage on your skin include easing muscle tension, supporting the lymph system, stimulating blood flow and providing a rejuvenating effect. All of these outcomes – combined with what massage does for your nerve receptors – is deeply beneficial for our wellbeing.

“The new ritual is underpinned by Swissline’s decadent products which all have a high-end, luxurious feel so it’s easy to lose yourself in the experience and totally switch off before bedtime – whether it’s for two or 10 minutes.”

The ritual incorporates Swissline’s Collagen Balm Cleanser, Facial Boosting-Essence and Luxe-Lift Night Cream.

The first step involves The Collagen Balm-Cleanser. The ideal consistency for facial massage, this incredibly luxurious and hardworking cleanser contains hydrolised marine collagen, soy proteins and a trio of amino acids to clean, nourish and nurture dry mature skin.

The second step involves the Facial Boosting Essence, which harnesses the power of grape living water, kombucha extract and an urban-detox complex to visibly energise and refresh the skin, while boosting elasticity and suppleness.

The third and final step involves the Luxe Lift Night Cream, which ensures deep skin-cell replenishment while users sleep. It lifts mature, dry skin with hydrolysed marine collagen and palmitoyl tripeptide-1, specifically targeted for collagen renewal.

All three products can be purchased as part of a set here.

For more insight on why Abigail developed the home ritual, check out the IG LIVE she did with Swissline Brand Director, Custodio D’Avo.

Here’s to sweet dreams and healthy skin!

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