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Three ways to improve spa staff performance and retention, by Zenoti

Finding and retaining talent is a common challenge for spas.

Luckily, you can improve staff satisfaction and still have time to successfully manage the rest of your business.

1. Create more earning opportunities
Upselling and cross-selling help staff earn more money via tips and commissions. Support providers with training on services with upsell potential and best practices for selling with confidence.

Next, lay the foundations for higher tips. Enable providers to offer more personalised service by giving them easy access to guest history and preferences. Use spa management software that maintains comprehensive guest profiles, from health conditions and favourite treatments to complementary drink preferences.

2. Acknowledge and reward effort
Keep performance and morale high through positive reinforcement. When you show appreciation for hard work, staff feel motivated to maintain that high output.

Business management software is invaluable for understanding and communicating staff performance. Track metrics such as staff revenue, retail sales, guest reviews, and rebooking rates. Use the metrics to provide feedback and reward staff in a way that is consistent, transparent and fair.

3. Involve staff in business performance
Help your team understand how their efforts impact the entire business. Use your spa software to get a snapshot of important data points such as store revenue, utilisation, gift card sales and online bookings. Share and track business goals to keep staff engaged and invested in your brand.

With Zenoti spa software, you can help staff increase their earnings, delight their guests and understand how their role is important to the business.

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