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OTS Pulse means better customer service and investment optimisation, says CEO Ramon Gabikagogeaskoa

Whether going to the spa or gym, customers need to know that their belongings are secure – and, following the pandemic, the more contactless the better.

Electronic lock manufacturer Ojmar has launched a touch-free, wireless networked lock solution called OTS Pulse. It works in the cloud and needs a standard internet connection, managed through a PC, tablet or smartphone, to work.

“The advantages for managers are clear, from real-time locker information to heat-maps, OTS Pulse translates into better customer service and investment optimisation,” said Ramon Gabikagogeaskoa, CEO.

“We're extremely happy to launch the OTS Pulse as it's the result of an extensive learning curve where health clubs have played a key role.”

According to Ojmar, the system’s installation is straightforward without complex and costly hard wiring. A user’s bracelet or their own smartphone app (Android and iOS), can open and lock the lockers, and book them in advance.

Managers can monitor occupancy in real-time, even during power outages, due to the battery which has a 10-year life.

Available in three finishes, operators can choose from black, black and green or white.

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