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Active-net 23: Zoo poo and other ways to save the planet!

#active-net 23 aims to be a carbon neutral event

UK Active, CIMSPA, CLUK and Leisure Energy will be part of the keynote panel and break out sessions, sharing the activity of sector leaders to address the energy crisis we all face and share thoughts on supporting the drive to become Carbon Neutral.

Attending active-net in 2022 saved one supplier 886.77 KG C02e as a result of meeting 14 prospective customers in one location over the 2 days of the event.

In 2023 (29th and 30th March at Eastwood Hall) active-net will offset the carbon emissions of all delegates attending the event, work with the hotel to offset the carbon emissions of the food and accommodation and support a wildlife charity.

“Many people are aware that as a past CEO of Ukactive and now as President of EuropeActive I have spent a huge amount of my career campaigning to get the important impact our industry has on society on the government agenda,"
says David Stalker. "What is perhaps less known is that I was born and brought up in Kenya and conservation and the environment is my true passion. I’m proud to be chairman of Marwell Zoo in Hampshire,  and look forward to sharing some of the fantastic work they do to help save the planet and it’s wonderful wildlife and how we all can, and must have our impact on the environment as a key part of our business plan.” 

Join us and many other suppliers meeting with Public Sector operators in March.

Further details contact [email protected]

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