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Innerva's innovative power-assisted equipment for wheelchair users wins award

Innerva’s new Access range, comprising the power-assisted Rotary Torso and Torso Dip, addresses the issues caused by prolonged wheelchair use. Innerva’s head of product development, Matt Holland, developed the range for gyms and leisure centres. It is a creation that recently won him the Future Leaders Award from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.

“Physical activity is crucial for the mental and physical health of our aging population and those with long term health conditions, but there are limited opportunities for wheelchair users in mainstream gyms and leisure centres, in fact, opportunities are limited across communities,” said Holland. “Manual wheelchair use puts a lot of stress on the upper body, with many wheelchair users suffering pain, strains and other related injuries. The repetitive motion of wheelchair propulsion can strengthen specific muscles whilst weakening others. Over time, this can negatively affect people’s quality of life and impact their independence.”

Holland says that the Rotary Torso machine engages weakened muscle groups and that the Tricep Dip strengthens the muscles of the upper arm and shoulder, which are important for reaching activities, helping to reposition and move around in a wheelchair and increasing overall strength for wheelchair propulsion.

The range can be used by all gym goers, not just wheelchair users. “The power-assisted equipment is ideal for those new to exercise or returning to fitness after injury or illness,” said Holland. “The machines support users to undertake the exercise movements, so they can gradually ease into activity at their own pace.”

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