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Art of Cryo introduces Multi CryoHacking System, a next-generation lifestyle device

Art of Cryo has developed the innovative new Multi CryoHacking System (MCS) to ensure clients can achieve measurable and noticeable results in the shortest treatment time possible.

So much more than a simple sauna, the MCS is a high-tech device offering multiple therapy applications backed by software that makes every visit a new experience. The standalone product offers more than 120 rapid treatments lasting between eight to 15 minutes.

“This vessel allows clients to combine cryotherapy with three different types of light therapy (blue, green and red), ionised oxygen therapy, aromatherapy and long wave heat therapy, to offer them the world’s most sophisticated whole-body cryotherapy experience,” says Rainer Bolsinger, Art of Cryo’s chief sales officer and chief marketing officer.

Using AI software, the MCS delivers a personalised treatment plan for every customer based on their individual needs. To do so, the software combines a selection of the above treatments into unique combinations – which Art of Cryo refers to as a cocktail.

“The Muti Cryo-Hacking System offers consumers hundreds of different programmes varying in therapy combination, sequence of services and length of time – all are available as solo or group experiences,” Bolsinger explains.

He feels the MCS provides the perfect complementary experience to all spa and wellness treatments and programmes.

“It’s also a great device for beauty clinics and health optimisation centres,” Bolsinger adds, “in combination with other Art of Cryo products and exclusive software, it completes our Tech-Spa Module.”

It’s already known that a combination of alternating heat therapy and cold therapy is highly effective for the body in many ways. Altogether, Art of Cryo’s three devices – Vaultz cryo-chambers, the MCS and the Art of Cryo Flow System – offer a dynamic multi-faceted treatment sequence that elevates the traditional cryotherapy experience and delivers tangible biohacking results.

To find out more information about Art of Cryo, get in contact here or follow the brand on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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