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Pulse Fitness supports education sector with brand-new instals at UK universities

Over the last 15 years, Pulse has worked on over 2,000 UK projects supporting the fitness industry with its 360-degree leisure solutions. From installations and new site launches to fully comprehensive marketing campaigns for promotion.

This summer, Pulse Fitness expanded its portfolio of projects even further and installed its market-leading equipment and services in multiple University fitness facilities up and down the country.

University of East London

In August, Pulse gave the University of East London’s gym a much-needed facelift and transformed the space into an up-to-date, fully-equipped fitness space for students and local residents to enjoy.

This project saw Pulse combine its services and expertise in installations, facility builds and marketing to complete the renovation to the expected high standard.

“We were looking for communications that appealed to our audience while conveying everything we had on offer, the Pulse team delivered exactly that within a quick turnaround and to a high standard too,” said David Cowell, East London centre manager.

Upon completion, the space – which hadn’t had an upgrade in over a decade – was home to Pulse's full range of high-quality fitness equipment from cardiovascular and strength equipment to functional accessories and gym storage.

In addition, the project was complete with the build of a new virtual cycling studio on the gym floor and the installation of University of East London branding throughout.

Chris Johnson, MD of Pulse Fitness, said: “With over 40 years in the industry, Pulse has expertise in delivering leisure solutions for all segments of the market, but we’re delighted to have been able to turn our skills to the education sector once more and help ensure that students have the best possible facilities to look after their wellbeing while at University”.

University of Huddersfield

Following the successful installation at the University of East London, the Pulse team transformed another University gym just in time for the Autumn term, this time for the University of Huddersfield.

The project saw Pulse install over 50 pieces of its top-of-the-range fitness equipment into the space, each enhanced with console technology so users can tap into ready-made workouts while using the machines.

The installation project was a huge success and as well as access to brand-new fitness facilities, members of the University gym will also benefit from TRAKK, Pulse’s connected fitness app which has been made available to all members as part of the renovation.

The app enables users to keep on top of their fitness goals by logging the results of their sessions, browsing through workout inspiration and tracking their progress.

This install was the first project Pulse has completed as part of what it hopes will be a long partnership with the University of Huddersfield.

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