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Rowcave studio concept brings immersive group rowing experiences to gyms

Rowcave, a rowing simulator studio that can be set up in gyms and clubs, introduces immersive rowing to the group class format. The new brand is the result of a merger with Rowbots which operates two rowing studios in London. Rowbots classes consist of 50-minute sessions of maximum intensity training split between the floor and rowing machine.

The concept of Rowcave aims to bring the outdoor experience of rowing inside. The studio uses LED screens to project an immersive river view of “meticulously re-created courses” where boat speeds for every user are adjusted according to rower output. Rowers’ peripheral vision picks up the visuals from the start line and along the course, to simulate a close to realistic experience.

“Rowcave is a new kind of indoor training tool, created to empower individuals to reach their best levels of performance,” said Theo Rigden, founder of Rowcave. “Athletes can train together in beautiful and detailed environments which immerse them in some of the world’s best waterways – all from the convenience of their clubs, gyms or boathouses.”

From Spring 2023, Rowcaves, whenever they are in the world, will be able to connect through World Rowing racing software. It will simulate a competitive racing experience where opponents appear alongside users in real time.

An operator would need a 4.5m-wide space to start a Rowcave studio but due to its panel-based design, the size can be increased as member demand rises. Rowcave supports RP3, Concept2 and WaterRower machines.

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