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TAC launches vending machines to help spas digitise guest access and payment

Customers can now check into a spa, pay for extras and check out again without having to bother staff or carry cash, thanks to The Assistant Company’s (TAC) latest launch.

"Our vision is to provide the most digitised solution in the thermal bath and leisure market," says MD Guenther Poellabauer, "so employees can concentrate on pampering guests."

The software company has created a self-service vending machine which integrates with its technology and dispenses TAC's RFID wristbands.

Using TAC's Webshop, for example, guests can purchase spa tickets and sign contracts in advance and collect the bands from the machines using a QR code. This ensures fast lane entry, even in times of staff shortages.

TAC Wrist 144 is a wall-mounted dispenser which can hold 144 bands, while TAC Wrist 900 is a free-standing machine with the capacity for 900 bracelets.

The company has collaborated with third parties to develop other self-service vending machines which dispense items such as snacks and beverages, coffee and towels.

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