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Three essential spa revenue strategies for 2023

Running a profitable spa demands keeping on top of ever-changing guest preferences. Simply sticking to conventional revenue streams isn’t going to be enough to get ahead of the competition in 2023.

Once the December rush is over, take some time to consider new strategies to boost your revenue and business growth.

Here’s some advice from all-in-one spa software provider, Zenoti.

Must-have memberships

Introduce a membership program that makes loyal guests feel special and drives recurring income. Align it with your business goals to fill potential revenue gaps. For example, offer membership perks on quiet days, or exclusive offers on new treatments to boost their popularity. Give members smartphone access to their member profile, credits and rewards to make participating in the program effortless.

Irresistible upselling and cross-selling

Not every staff member is a natural salesperson – and they don’t have to be. Boost your treatment and retail sales with a software primed for upselling and cross-selling. Zenoti suggests relevant add-ons both during the online booking process and to your front desk and providers during a service.

Unmissable marketing campaigns

When a business continues to send non-targeted marketing promotions, most recipients will start ignoring their messages. Drive better results by sending email and SMS promotions that take each guest’s purchase history into account. For example, massage offers to past massage guests.

With a tool like Zenoti Smart Marketing, the system automatically detects when you have gaps in your appointment book and sends relevant promotions to guests who are overdue a visit.

Find out how your spa could grow in 2023. Contact Zenoti for a customised demonstration.

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