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Germaine de Capuccini rolls out debut hydration range Timexpert Hydraluronic plus all-new facial

Spanish spa and skincare brand Germaine de Capuccini has expanded its collection with its first hydration-centric range, Timexpert Hydraluronic.

The new line features three products; the Hydraluronic 3D Force Moisturising Fill-In Serum and the Plumping Moisturising Cream – available as either a Rich Sorbet or a Soft Sorbet.

Combining three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid (low, medium and high), the products are powered by a brand-new formula featuring Germaine de Capuccini’s patented HLG nanopolyer. This combination is claimed to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dehydration while also restoring suppleness, elasticity and the skin’s natural glow.

Germaine de Capuccini is showcasing the range in a brand-new facial treatment designed to offer a cosmetic alternative to medical-aesthetic hyaluronic acid injections.

The ritual takes 60 minutes but can be upgraded to 75 minutes with the addition of a lactobionic peel.

Using the combination of a Gua Sha-inspired tool and hand massage, the Timexpert Hydraluronic facial is designed to target wrinkles on the forehead, eye area, cheekbones, lip area, nasolabial folds, frown lines, neck and décolletage.

Following the application of the newly-launched serum, therapists begin the ritual by performing stimulating manoeuvres including skin rolling, pinching, clamping and transverse and longitudinal movements.

The face is then gently warmed before the introduction of a cooling facial massage tool to sculpt and contour. Germaine de Capuccini's new glass massager can be immersed in cold water and chilled down repeatedly as the therapist requires.

“Hydration was the missing link as the initial step to the prevention of the first signs of ageing, so we’re thrilled to also now offer these solutions,” said Clare Dickens, managing director of Germaine de Capuccini UK, speaking exclusively to Spa Business.

“The Timexpert Hydraluronic treatment and products are an entirely new launch following the huge success of our inclusion of the HLG nanopolyer in the Timexpert Radiance C+ launch in 2021.”

Dickens added that the treatment has officially launched at Germaine de Capuccini partner spas in the UK including Loch Lomond, Nirvana Spa, Carden Park and Coworth Park, with training due in the coming weeks.

Germaine de Capuccini has dermatologically tested the products on sensitive skin and cancer patients.

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