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Myzone debuts leading all-in-one circuit training solution

Myzone has worked with next-generation tech to unveil the MZ-Smart Station, a truly effective circuit training solution. During the session, your members’ Myzone tiles move from screen to screen, guiding them through their session from exercise to exercise, while showing them their effort and output in real time.

By highlighting each exercise on screen – and clearly showing which station a class member should be at – this latest Myzone release enables your coaches to deliver a more personalised experience.

Additionally, the technology means you can boost your club class timetable, so members can participate in classes at times that suit them.

MZ-Smart Station adds to safety standards too, as your instructors are freed up to focus on correcting movements and motivating each member.

“As an operator that’s trying to maximise the benefits that this technology can bring to members, it goes beyond the direct experience they might have in the class,” explains Oliver Cox, head of fitness programming at the Bannatyne Group.

“We believe that it has the long-term benefits of further engagement, more club visits, and more activity outside of using our facilities. That’s what ultimately keeps people engaged in their exercise regimes.”

Follow this link to read more about Bannatyne’s MZ-Smart Station experience.

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