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Spas can recreate alpine winter scenes with TechnoAlpin’s new cascading snow shower

Italy-based snow room specialist TechnoAlpin has introduced a new cold therapy device that mimics a delicate snow flurry, suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Operating at room temperature, Snowsky is a silent and compact plug-and-play device which gently sprinkles a thick shower of snowflakes from the ceiling.

Sara Brenninger, product manager at TechnoAlpin, told Spa Business that the new product fresh alternative to traditional cold therapy applications in spas.

“When most people think of snow, they imagine it gently falling from the sky on a cold winter’s day, landing delicately on the ground. With this in mind, we spent two years exploring how to simulate a natural snowfall indoors,” she said.

Integrated easily into new or existing facilities, Snowsky can be installed in a variety of spa and wellness environments, including as a complementary product to the experience shower, over a pool, in the entrance of the spa area or even outdoors.

TechnoAlpin also suggests using the device in fitness areas for a hygienic cool-down or in a hotel lobby or cocktail bar to offer a striking design highlight.

Requiring only 20 litres of water per hour, the device covers 1sq m and also features RGBW lighting options.

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