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New palm-cooling tech CoreTx Go boosts reps and cuts fatigue

CoreTx Go is a new palm-cooling device that can increase the number of reps an athlete can compete in a session while reducing fatigue to maximise overall performance.

The machine was developed by Colin Edgar, founder and managing director of CET, which manufactures cold therapy solutions to elite sports worldwide, including Team GB, Manchester United and AC Milan.

The company says that palm cooling for two minutes between sets significantly increases the number of reps and workload. A peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research – there are also further studies with similar results – recorded a 40 per cent increase in bench press work volume in three weeks and a 144 per cent increase in pull-up volume over six weeks when “experienced subjects” used palm cooling strategies.

“Our latest product, the CoreTx Go, is totally revolutionary and a real game-changer for both strength and endurance athletes,” said Edgar. “Quick and simple applications between sets or during rest massively reduces fatigue, allowing users to dramatically increase their workload capability. The benefits of cold therapy are undeniable, and incredibly important for athletes seeking to perform at the highest level.”

Palm cooling affects the entire body because the palm’s surface is covered with a network of blood vessels that connect to the arteries, creating a fast way to cool the internal core. The lower temperature enables muscles to function optimally, reducing fatigue.

The 7kg portable device can integrate into any gym or training facility and can be used by two people at the same time.

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